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DIY Gift Ideas You Can Finish in Under an Hour

We've all been there: short on money and even shorter on time with Christmas right around the corner. This year, I'm determined to stay ahead of the game with these DIY gift ideas you can finish in under an hour.

Make this the year that you stay on budget and out of debt! Check out the whole budget Christmas series. For more easy DIY Gift Ideas, follow me on pinterest.

DIY Gifts for the Kitchen

Homemade Spice Blends - There are many ideas and recipes for making your own spice mixes to give as gifts. If you have a special secret ingredient or flavor you love to use in your cooking, this gift would be especially personal and fun.

10 Easy Ways to Turn a Canning Jar into a Christmas Present - I especially adore the first idea on the list. I might have to make some for myself! All of these would be really cheap and easy to make. (Not all of these are for the kitchen.)

Edible Gift Ideas - Continuing with the jar theme, there are lots of ideas for edible Christmas gifts, which are not only yummy but also tend to disappear quickly. Love the layered cookie mix! So cute!

Homemade Infused Cooking Oils and Vinegar - Add yummy flavors to oils and vinegar. Anyone who loves to cook will enjoy this one!

Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix - I love these ideas for spicing up cocoa mix. It'd be fun to give a couple of different varieties as a gift. Yum! 

Homemade Vanilla Extract - I actually received this as a gift last year, and I loved it! It's really great because it's consumable, so it doesn't any clutter to your home. 

Homemade Vanilla Extract picture used with permission from Pistachio Project.

DIY Gift Ideas for Kids

Natural Christmas Playdough - This post includes instructions for making Christmas colored and scented play dough for kids. I am so delighted by the idea of adding yummy smells to play dough for a more sensory experience. This would be extremely cheap and easy to make, and any kid will love it!

Image used with permission from Pistachio Project

21 easy gifts you can make for kids - These are all really cute ideas that are easy to make, and many have links to tutorials for exactly how to make them. I especially love the idea of making a hand puppet for my kids. I have always wanted to do that!

DIY Lip Balm Kit - Little girls will love making their own natural lip gloss with this gift. They'll also love spending time with you as you help them use it. What a great excuse to spend time with your favorite little ones.

Image used with permission from Learning & Yearning.

DIY Gift Ideas for Babies

18 gifts to make for babies - Most of these could be made in an hour and include links to turtorials to show you how. 

DIY Gift Ideas for Friends & Neighbors

8 Gift Ideas for Families - It can really save money and time to give one family gift instead of a separate present for each person. For anyone that you give one family gift, especially neighbors, check out these ideas. The fifth one would be really really cute, and incredibly simple!

7 Gift Ideas for Book Lovers - This one includes links to lots of tutorials. I love the idea of the ring-bound journal. It would be so easy to make, and so cute!

DIY Gift Ideas for Women

Moisturizing Honey Vanilla Body Polish - Pamper your loved ones with this lovely body scrub recipe. It only has four ingredients, and would be extremely affordable and quick to make. Put it in a lovely jar and it will be a great gift.

14 DIY Gift Ideas for Women - Check this out for all things girly from chocolate to fancy bath products, including tutorials for each one.

15 DIY Gift Ideas for Crafters - As a knitter, I would love to get the handmade stitch markers in this post. I have always admired these on Etsy, but have never quite gotten around to making them for myself. There are lots of other ideas for gifts related to just about any other craft, and chances are any crafter will really appreciate a handmade gift.

Image used with permission from

DIY Gift Ideas for Men

9 DIY Gift Ideas for Men - There are some super classy and some totally fun gift ideas for the men in your life. Not all of these could be done in an hour, but still some great ideas here!

DIY Stocking Stuffer Ideas

28 DIY Stocking Stuffer Ideas - All of these ideas are really simple to make, and there is a link to instructions on how to do them all. There are also ideas for including them in a DIY gift basket.

Image used with permission from Pistachio Project

DIY Gift Wrap Ideas

Recycled Paper Bows - You'll never pay for ribbons again after this tutorial. So cute!

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Activity Based Advent Calendar - I absolutely love this take on an Advent activity calendar for kids. Not only is it a really fun tradition for the kids, but you'll love how it looks decorating your house too!

Image used with permission from ecokaren.

How to make Burlap Christmas Ornaments - Here's a tutorial for making the cute burlap "FA LA LA" ornaments pictured above. 

Cheap Gift Ideas You Don't Have to Make Yourself

Read the rest of the Debt Free Christmas series.

For even more cheap gift ideas you don't have to make yourself, follow me on pinterest.

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

  • Buy used - If you have the right family culture or group of friends, don't be why about going used when it comes to Christmas gifts. In this family, declaring that you got an awesome gift for 25 cents considered a good thing. There also some great cheap gift wrap ideas in this post, too!

Cheap Gift Ideas for Kids

  • Hand-me-down toys -  This is a great idea to save money on toys. Make a pact with your friends and relatives that you know you'll be exchanging kid gifts with to essentially swap hand-me-down toys. Obviously you need to be sensitive to whether someone will feel this is just plain rude, but I imagine any busy mom will readily agree to saving money and time with this cheap gift idea.
  • Dollar Store Christmas Activity Bin for Kids - I just recently was initiated into the frugal findings of the dollar store, and I was shocked by what great stuff we've found there, especially for the kids. This is a Christmas themed sensory bin little ones will love to explore. 

Cheap Gift Ideas for Neighbors

If you feel you really want to give your neighbors a gift, but your budget doesn't allow for something big. Try out these cheap gift ideas. 
  • Easy, Clever, and Cheap Neighbor Gift Ideas - 10 cheap gift ideas for neighbors that will make them smile! This just goes to show that you don't have spend a lot to brighten someone's Christmas. Go here to see gifts 1 through 5, and here to check out 6 through 10.

Cheap Stocking-Stuffers

  • Shop Deals Year-Around - Garage sales, Amazon deals, library book sales are just a few of the ideas in this post on shopping year around for great deals on stocking stuffers to give as Christmas gifts. I might also add, check the Target dollar bins, especially when they're on clearance.

Cheap Gift Wrap Ideas

  • Use stuff you already have to wrap gift cards - Here are 10 ideas for using stuff you can find around the house to wrap gift cards. I love the toilet paper tube idea! 
  • Use Christmas cards to create gift tags - This post shows you how to create free gift tags out of old Christmas cards. Very cute and easy, and I don't think anyone would ever notice!

Cheap Decoration Ideas

  • Find contentment with a small or used Christmas tree - I loved this post about how to stay frugal when it comes to Christmas decorations because we have always had a 3-foot artificial tree that we pull out every year. In the end, I'm perfectly content with it as we pass by the $40-50 real trees and $200+ artificial trees, and come to our tiny tree that is easy to set up and doesn't take too much space in the garage. 

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