How to Use the Debt Snowball Calculator

How to Use the Debt Snowball Calculator

I’m so excited to share how to use the debt snowball calculator with you because I believe that, not only will it help you with the cold hard numbers, but it will also help you get motivated to be debt free! Once you see how paying even a small extra amount... read more
Easy Fried Rice Recipe with Leftover Rice

Easy Fried Rice Recipe with Leftover Rice

The average American family throws away $1,484 worth of food every year! That means one of the very easiest ways you can save money on groceries is to simply use the food that you already have in your home. At the end of each week, my goal is to have no perishable... read more
Natural Toys from Wild Mint Shop

Natural Toys from Wild Mint Shop

Over time, I have developed a funny rule when it comes to my kids’ toys. It might look a bit different than what we’ve grown used to in many other households. Though, it isn’t until an outside observer notices these eccentricities that I realize, ya, we’re weeeird! So, ya. I only give my kids two relatively small baskets of toys.

read more
A Simple Morning Routine for Work at Home Moms

A Simple Morning Routine for Work at Home Moms

I had this completely crazy moment this morning. It was 8 am. I was sitting drinking (still hot) coffee, doing my best dramatic presentation of Green Eggs and Ham for my 3 year old. The house was picked up. There were no dishes in my sink. The counters gleamed as the... read more
17 Smoothie Recipes You Can Make in a $10 Blender

17 Smoothie Recipes You Can Make in a $10 Blender

Back when we were working to get out of debt, our blender broke, (along with our crock pot and coffee maker!) We saved up whatever was left over from our small household budget and finally bought a $10 blender on a Black Friday sale. We still haven’t replaced our cheap little blender, because we’ve found a way to make it do almost everything we need in it for only a tiny fraction of the price of the other high end blenders.

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