Giving Generously on a Budget

Giving Generously on a Budget

You start out the season with a heart overflowing with generosity and excitement over the coming holidays. You might be one of those sweeties who just loves to put gifts under the tree for almost everyone you know, from the neighbors to your child’s teacher, each of... read more
21 Day Savings Challenge

21 Day Savings Challenge

So, I’ve been working hard putting together the 21 Day Savings Challenge. I am REALLY excited about this because I believe it is going to launch you so far forward in your savings goals, that you just won’t stop until you reach them. And I’m confident, that even if all you do is the 21 Day Challenge, then you’ll still knock months or even years off your debt.

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Work Life Balance for Work at Home Moms

Work Life Balance for Work at Home Moms

Not too long ago, I had a particularly busy time for work. I was constantly feeling guilty for taking time in the evenings and weekends to get work done. I had no time with my husband. I could see that this was not sustainable or healthy for our family if we let it continue. Practically though, I need to work for us to make ends meet. One night I was feeling very frustrated with finding enough time to grow my business and meet our financial needs while still meeting the needs of my family. For once, I quit working and talked it out with my husband. We had to make a plan to make things better, because I was on the edge. Things could not keep going down the same path.

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How we paid off $22,047 in debt in less than 9 months

How we paid off $22,047 in debt in less than 9 months

Back when I first read about the concept of being “debt free” I immediately dismissed it. Ya right, there’s absolutely no way we’ll be able to do that on one low-income with one little kid and another one on the way. That’s great for them, but they don’t know how much debt we have and how small our income is!
At that point, I had pretty much accepted the fact that my husband and I would finally be paying off our student loans about the time our kids hit college age. There wasn’t even a tiny inkling of hope that our family would be debt free within ten years, let alone one!

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Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

Since I finally came out about my personal health struggles with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so many of you have reached out to me sharing their own personal health struggles. I have been so encouraged that, even though our challenges are different, I am not alone in... read more

How to claim your free stuff! ($200+ value)

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is only available through September 15. (But wait, what is this “bundle” thing? Go here to find out everything you need to know in just 2 minutes!) It is such a huge resource that it can be hard to wrap your mind around... read more

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