Monday, December 19, 2011

This is How We Nurse { LINKY }

Welcome back to the third week of the "This is How We" blog project and link up! I originally wanted to write the "This is How We" series for BabyE's journal, as a snapshot of our everyday lives. I would love if you join in with me this week and write your "This is How We Nurse" stories about your babies or children, so we never forget these lovely moments that pass all too soon. In the weeks to come, I plan to include This is how we...nap, take a bath, and more. Check out the previous weeks on diapering and sleeping. If I've learned one thing since becoming a mommy, it's that for as many moms and babies there are just as many right ways to parent. I look forward to reading all your stories. I am positive no two stories will be the same.

This is how we nurse...

The worn pink recliner creaks beneath us, and the springs 'squeak, squeak...squeak, squeak'  each time I rock, back and forth. It's the final remnant of college furniture. Pink does not match my black-and-brown-with-orange-and-green-accents decor, but I'm oh so glad we hung onto it. This is our little nursing nest. I finally remember to fill up my half gallon water bottle and set it by me, most of the time. The rest, I just stare longingly at it from where I sit.

I hurry to unhook the clasp with one hand while BabyE hurls his whole upper body toward my breast. He opens and closes his mouth enthusiastically with eyes closed, sucking blindly with faith that I'll be there. That is innocence. That is trust, all defined by one sweet babe.

We have this down now. For something a little awkward and challenging at the beginning, it's routine now. He latches without a second thought from either of us.  Within seconds a sigh as relaxation overcomes me.  It is a pause. It is time to examine those new rolls around his wrists and dimples at each knuckle on his oh-so-soft pudgy hand. He gets all the mama milk he wants until, with milky face still smashed against me, he drifts off to sleep in my arms.  I stare down at him and vow one more time to soak up every wonderful second of this time, simultaneously trying to push out of my head how short it is. Why does it have to be so? Maybe so we know just how precious it is.

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  1. I look forward with longing to the days when the latch is a) automatic and b) not painful! Foolish me, I thought when I was going into child #4, it would all be very easy. Not so.

  2. I miss nursing so much. This brings back so many precious memories. But I agree that it's short so we know just how precious it is.

  3. I absolutely swoon for the phrase "nursing nest." Lovely.


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