Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Letters to Littles {8 months}

Dear 8 Month BabyE, 

This month you learned to crawl up on all fours. It is not quite as fast for you as your army crawl yet, but I'm sure you'll be cruising in no time. I've been having the hardest time actually getting video or pictures of your new trick! Every time you see me get out the camera or even hear it turning on you stop whatever cute thing you're doing and flash a big grin at the camera. You are such a little ham! I wish I had a camera on my eyeballs so I could capture all those adorable expressions you give to only me: happy, frustrated, bouncy, concerned, content. I love every one!

Crawling does not interest you nearly as much as standing. To say that you are obsessed with being upright would not be an exaggeration. It seems to be your main goal to be standing most of everyday, and it makes you seem even more grown up. 

The highlight of your month for your parents has been your new experimentation with being verbal.    We woke up one morning before church to the sound of you saying "Da da da da" about two hundred times. We just listened to you with big smiles on our faces.  You've always had quite a bit to say.  Now though the sounds are recognizable and we're having lots of fun guessing what you're trying to say. You "talk" constantly while you're in your car seat, while you're playing at home, as soon as you wake up. 

Everyday I take even more and more delight in being your mama. Even when I've been up what seems like all night nursing you, in the morning I see your smiling face looking up at me and I get recharged for another wonderful day of watching you grow and learn. 

I love you, 
Your Mama


  1. It sounds like Baby E is doing so well! I bet he will so enjoy reading his letters you are writing now when he is older!

    1. I hope he will enjoy it. Either way though I know I will love remembering all the little details when he is older.

  2. Such a sweet letter. It's great that you're starting them so early!
    I love the camera trick. Already quite a personality.


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