Friday, April 27, 2012

Turn Off the TV Week 2012

The average American watches four hours and 39 minutes every single day What if we turned off the TV and instead engaged with our families? What if we got off the couch and moved our bodies? What if we picked up a book? Or helped our neighbors? What a transformation our nation would make! 

Monday is the beginning of Screen Free Week. I hope you'll consider joining with me and others around the world on April 30 through May 6 in going TV free for one week. Does "screen free" include limiting your computer or smart phone time?  You'll have to make your own rules, but whatever you decide, I'm confident the benefits will be great. 

Throughout the week, I'll be posting about all the advantages of going TV free and ideas of how to spend your time instead. 

Will you take the TV free challenge this week? Connect with others planning to go TV free on the GrowingSlower Facebook page.

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