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12 Free Knitting Patterns for Babies {Round Up}

I've been scouring the web for the cutest baby patterns and I've put together a list of my 12 favorites. The fantastic thing is that they are each available for free online!  See links below to take you directly to the free patterns. Be sure to follow my Free Knitting Patterns for Babies board on Pinterest as I'm adding new patterns all the time. 
Baby sitting on knitted baby blanket with Caption 12 Free Knitting Patterns for Babies

It's hard to believe that in a few short days it will be September. Already the mornings are feeling crisp. With the arrival of autumn I'm starting to get in the mood to cozy up with some new knitting projects. Of course, I have the cutest little model to knit for this year. Baby knits are perfect for the busy mom because they're small and quick. I might have a hope of actually getting some done before spring! 

1. Autumn Leaves Baby Sweater by Nikki at What to Knit When You're Expecting

This is such a sweet knit cardigan for baby girls! The free knitting pattern is available for sizes 6 months through 12 months and uses DK or worsted weight depending on the size. 

2. Skater Baby Brim Hat by Emily at Colorado Moms

This will definitely be at the top of my list for fall knits for baby. The free pattern has great pictures to show you how to create the brim part of the hat. (Image used with permission from Colorado Moms.)

Skater baby knitting pattern

3. Garter Stitch Baby Kimono by Joji on Ravelry

This darling short sleeved kimono crosses in front and is secured by two buttons. It uses fingering weight yarn on small needles and is available for sizes newborn through six months. This free knitting pattern looks surprisingly simple as the front and back are knit all in one piece. 

Chunky ear flap hat for baby free knitting pattern

4. Big Wool Little Hat by Sarah Shepherd

I made this ear flap hat for BabyE around Thanksgiving time last year. It kept his head and little ears warm all winter long.  The chunky yarn made it a really quick knit. You can download the free knitting pattern from Sarah's website. Be sure to check my pattern notes before diving into this one. 

5. Aviatrix Baby Hat by Justine Turner at Just Jussi

This is a darling little helmet hat with chin strap in sizes Newborn through Child. The pattern is available to download from ravelry.

Boy vest knitting pattern6. Verde Verde Sweater Vest at Skemommle and Skedaddle

For girls you have frills and bows and flowers galore. For the moms of boys though, the cuteness factor is always so hard to come by. I was thrilled when I found this adorable pattern for a little boy vest.  The pattern is written for size 2T only but could be adapted by an experienced knitter. The free knitting pattern is available for download from Skemommle. (Image used with permission from Skemommle.)

7. Knitted Drops Jumpsuit in Eskimo by Drops

I had my eye on this darling jumpsuit pattern from Drops long before I was even pregnant. I also love this modification by anakbabiilang on Ravelry to add a hood. I'm a little ashamed to say I actually have this jumpsuit almost completely knitted. Almost. I just need to finish the sleeves. Unfortunately, it will have to be for another baby as BabyE has long outgrown the 6-9 month size I started knitting. Available in sizes newborn through child, the chunky yarn makes it a quick knit. Though not quick enough for me apparently! 

Kanoko pants for Baby free knitting pattern

8. Kanoko Pants by Yumiko Sakurai

I adore this pattern! I recently finished up a pair for BabyE. It's one of those rare baby knits that actually fits well even over a cloth diaper. I made them a little long, so hopefully they'll fit for this fall. They are so cozy that I'm actually looking forward to seeing the leaves changing. 

9. Rhino Romper by Rhino Knits on Ravelry

I love this little short sleeved creeper outfit for summer! The variegated yarn trimmed with bright colors is so perfect for babies. The Rhino Romper knitting pattern is available for download on Ravlery. 
Sheldon Knit Turtle from Free Pattern

10. Sheldon at knitty

I've made two of these darling Sheldon turtles. This knit toy is especially cute because the shell is separate from the body, so tots can play dress up by taking the shell on and off. You can find the free pattern here.

11. Drops Socks in Fabel

Tell me I'm not the only one who's done this. I knitted one of these little socks, but never made it a pair! Maybe someday. This free knitting pattern for baby socks is available in newborn through child. Drops even has an adult version of this great sock pattern! 

Double Sided Baby Blanket from Free Pattern

12. Free N Easy Baby Blanket at GrowingSlower

You know that baby blanket that shows up in all my monthly Letters to Littles posts (and on the very top photo on this page)? I wrote the pattern down for you, and it's available for free here at GrowingSlower. 

Please leave a comment and tell me which pattern you're going to make!

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  1. THese are wonderful! I only crochet and haven't done much more than blankets and scarfs. Will share with a friend who knits!

  2. I wish I knew how to knit because everything is so cute! I can only crochet!

  3. Argh!!! I had my comment here and it disappeared! Okay: first love all these you shared so thank you! Second: I desperately need a pattern that employs Two At a Time for baby/toddler socks and would also like booties 2 at a time. All of my socks, booties done one at a time invariable turn out different sizes. I guess I feel that with 2 at a time....if I make a mistake I can make it on the next sock in the same place.....or maybe my tension just is more reliable with 2 at a time. Anyway, wondering if you have any pattern suggestions for baby/toddler 2 at a time socks and booties, available for free? I am NOT smart enough to convert a regular pattern to 2 at a time on circular needles. Maybe one day I will be....but so far am not. Thank you for this great collection love love Sheldon!!!

  4. This round up is very cute! I wish I know how to knit!

  5. I need to figure out knitting, so many great options!!

  6. My daughter and I are just getting into knitting! She loves the Sheldon pattern, hopefully we can get it right :) Thank you!

    1. Oh what fun! I hope one of my kids wants to knit someday! The Sheldon turtle pattern really stretched my knitting abilities at the time, but it wasn't too hard. And it was definitely rewarding once it was finished!


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