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Thoughts on Intentional Holidays and more {Weekend Links November 17}

Now that we are getting so close to the beginning of the holiday season, we bloggers must be getting extra thoughtful. I’ve been loving all the amazing posts on being intentional in this season. Here are three of my favorites on green & frugal living and attachment parenting. I hope you enjoy reading these as you prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

Why Being Yourself Is a Disruptive Act at Afford Anything

“…Being yourself is a disruptive act. Your lifestyle becomes a mirror that forces people to re-examine their own decisions…”

Making A Family Gratitude Journal {A Simple Thanksgiving Tradition} at Keeper of the Home

“…I believe we would all benefit greatly from stepping back and taking time to genuinely reflect on all that we have to be grateful for, and surely we would realize that our lives are overflowing with abundance in many ways…”

Why Buy Handmade at Natural Parents Network

“…Buying something is kind of like voting. When you take out your money and put it into someone else’s hands, you are saying ‘I support you and this thing you do…’ “


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