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Letters to Littles {16 months}

Dear 16 month BabyE,

You are currently standing on one of the dining room chairs in the middle of the living room. At least there on your island you can’t reach anything or climb onto anything. This climbing thing is yet another one of those childhood developments that leaves your poor Mama terrified and excited. May your growth and learning know no bounds!

Baby Wearing Christmas Sweater
16 month old BabyE wearing his Christmas
 sweater vest from great-grandma. 

I want to remember that one day at story time when you sat on my lap the whole time and held my hand. You have always been too busy for cuddling, so I savored every moment of that that half hour.

Your words are becoming more and more frequent. You’re actually compiling quite a long list now. While exciting that’s another terrifying development because every word you learn comes directly from something you hear your parents say. After you clearly repeated “oh  cool” after I said it, I really had to reflect on how often I use that phrase. Maybe I should learn to say something a little more thoughtful or descriptive? Even more frightening is that you clearly understand far more than you can actually say. Not only do you understand any basic instructions we give you, whether or not you choose to comply, you also pick up little things in the middle of conversations. Amazing. Scary! Will we have to start spelling things soon?

Here are some of your other recent words:

  • T for Tia
  • Gee is what you call yourself
  • daddy
  • doggy, which sometimes gets mixed up and sounds like god instead.
  • hor-ey for horsey
  • go, go, go! 

Some of your favorite new signs are:

  • Bird
  • Baby
  • Up
  • Down
  • Horse
  • Water
  • Apple for apples or pears

You love to mimic everything we do. One day I looked down to see that you had put on the oven mit and were wiping down the cabinets. It went all the way up to your shoulder, but you had the idea. You also love to put on Mama or Daddy’s shoes. You can climbed on and off your rocking motorcycle by yourself. During the day you like to stack and knock down blocks, play with puzzles, color, and paint.

You are a constant delight to everyone around you. I’m so thankful I am the one who gets to be with you everyday!

Your Mama

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  1. He is getting so big! That sweater is gorgeous on him. :-) it sounds like his abilities are just skyrocketing at this point. It make it kind of hard to keep up with him, doesn’t it? One day you think you have your bases covered, the next your little one is teetering on the brink of something dangerous you’d never even thought was a potential hazard. keeps you on your toes! i love readin your updates on BabyE. Your love for him comes through so beautifully!

  2. That’s a great list of signs to teach kids that age. We’re working on a few, but she learns them faster than I do.

  3. I feel so happy AND sad reading this…babies grow so fast. Each phase is so wonderful, but it’s always hard for me to know one is gone.


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