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Tuesday Baby Link Up #10

Welcome to Week #10 of the Tuesday Baby Link Up! You’ll notice we have a little different format this week to explain the link up instructions. Cute huh? Hopefully that makes it quick and easy for you to digest. Thanks for joining us!

The Tuesday Baby Link Up

The Tuesday Baby Link Up

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Today I’m featuring Everybody Poops: Cloth Diapers and Elimination Communication at Mama B’s Hectic Home. I’ve been intrigued by the concept of elimination communication, but we did not try it out with BabyE.  To be honest, it’s one of those crunchy mama things that I haven’t even read that much about. Reading Mama B’s post really has me interested! Check out the featured post to find out the hows and the whys of elimination communication.

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  1. Thanks again for hosting a link up! I loved the article on baby led weaning by Thought I Knew Mama. I am hoping to do BLW with my daughter and I love reading success stories and hearing more about the benefits of BLW!

    • Thanks for linking up! We did our own version of baby led weaning, and it worked great. I really need to write a post about that sometime!


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