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No Spend Month Challenge Update & Link Up {Week #1}

What We Spent

This week we spent $34.65 on food, household items, and toiletries. Our CSA share costs $33.20 weekly. We also spent $37.50 on gas and $21.58 on dining out. That’s a total of $126.93 for Week #1 or 20% of our total $620 goal for the month.

What We Learned

That’s right, I went way off the bandwagon in the very first week with a lunch out and frozen yogurt! I should probably be fired from No Spend Month, but I hope you’ll let me try to redeem myself in the coming weeks. You see, it was my one last hurrah before giving up sugar for awhile. I guess I could have indulged in one of my other guilty pleasures like Ghirardelli brownies, but it just had to be fro-yo. If nothing else, it just goes to show what a serious dent in your budget even just a small splurge can make, taking up 17% of our spending for the whole week.

How are your budget resolutions holding in the New Year so far? 

Link Up

Now it’s your turn! Bloggers, link up your frugal living, money saving, or No Spend Month Challenge posts below. It’d be lovely if you would provide a link back to GrowingSlower in your post, or grab the No Spend Month button. I’ll be featuring one linked up post in next week’s No Spend Month Update.

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  1. I am behind in planning out our finances for the year. I need to sit down with my husband and talk about money we spend on eating out…that is where we spend the most unnecessary money.

  2. I’ve been spending more this month than I would like… and the month isn’t even half over yet. Yikes! The rest of the month might have to be a dedicated no-spend for me.

  3. It sounds to me like you are being very successful at being very conscious and mindful of all your purchases and decision making!

  4. It sounds to me like you are being very successful at being very conscious and mindful of all your purchases and decision making!

  5. I mentioned the repairs that came up for us on your facebook page and the funny thing is, it’s forcing me to have a no spend month, since I can’t go anywhere! We have a pickup, but I hate to drive it with the kids and since it gets such terrible gas mileage.

    You are doing pretty good! I hope the rest of the month goes well. :)


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