The busyness of the holidays, gift buying, and innumerable runs to the grocery store can all add up to a busted budget in December. If you’ve resolved to get back on budget in the new year, or if you’re starting to budget for the first time as part of the No Spend Month Challenge, here are some ways to save money. Pick two or three to commit to, and you could save thousands of dollars this year. You may even become a little greener along the way.

*Update: Check out the expanded list of 97 Easy Ways to Save Money*

Check out this list of 37 easy ways to save money. #savemoney #savingmoneytips

37 Easy Ways to Save Money

1.  Switch to cloth napkins, save $4/mo
2.  Cancel your home phone, save $30/mo
3.  Cut down on Starbucks runs, save $15-100/mo
4.  Move to a cheaper home, save $200-2000/mo
5.  Cook dinner at home instead of eating out, save $150-500/mo
6.  Turn down the heat, save $10-20/mo
7.  Pack a lunch, save $40-200/mo
8.  Let your hair go back to its natural color, save $50/mo
9.  Take the bus, bike, or walk instead of driving, save $30-400/mo
10. Carpool, save $200/mo
11. Use family cloth instead of buying toilet paper, save $5-10/mo
12. Commit to being a one car family, save $400/mo
13. Combine errands into fewer trips, $10-50/mo
14. Shop for a better deal on insurance, save $10-50/mo
15. Make sure tires are properly inflated, save $30/mo
16. Use mama cloth or a diva cup instead of disposable products, save $10/mo
17. Don’t carry a credit card balance, save $30/mo
18. Use in-network providers for healthcare, save $30-120/mo
19. Stop impulse and recreational shopping, save $50-300/mo
20. Use cloth diapers instead of disposable, save $50-100/mo
21. Save manicures and pedicures for special occasions only, save $30/mo
22. Shop for a cheaper cell phone plan, save $10-25/mo
23. Use cloth baby wipes instead of disposable, save $10/mo
24. Cook vegetarian once a week, save $20/month
25. Cancel the gym membership you don’t use anyway, $30-60/mo
26. Quit smoking, save $50-200/mo plus healthcare expenses
27. Drive the speed limit, save $10/mo
28. Cancel cable, save $30-100/mo
29. Go to the library instead of buying books, save $10/mo
30. Buy clothes at thrift and consigment stores, save $100/mo
31. Stop buying lottery tickets, save $5-20/mo
32. Do your own home and car maintenance, save $60-200/mo
33. Make your own bread, save $10/mo
34. Use less water, save $5-10/mo
35. Downsize your garbge service, save $10/mo
36. Do your own yard work, $150/mo
37. Hang your clothes to dry instead of using the dryer, save $10/mo

Sick of couponing, shopping sales, and meal planning only to find you’re still busting your grocery budget? Try this. (This is the system I used this system to save $5,616 in the last year alone!) 

What’s one thing you could cut from your budget? 

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