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30 Days to a Healthy Pregnancy

Exercise everyday, eat your veggies, drink lots of water, get enough sleep, oh and don’t forget to floss! There are so many important things to do to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it seems impossible to do it all. Then try doing it while pregnant! You’re  extra tired, you might be nauseous, and you’re probably working full time or caring for other children. What’s a pregnant mama-to-be to do?

30 Days to a Healthy Pregnancy

Achieving a Healthy 2nd Pregnancy?

My second pregnancy has really thrown me for a loop. I know there’s a certain amount of healthy amnesia that happens between pregnancies, but my oh my I am certain it has been harder the second time around. Though I do remember clearly my pregnancy with BabyE being tough in the first trimester.

Every night I would come home tired from work and sit on the couch until my wonderful hubby brought me a delicious and healthy home cooked meal. It didn’t matter then if we didn’t eat until 7:30 at night. Now that’s not an option since 7:30 is BabyE’s bedtime!

Back then, I was motivated to take long walks through the city everyday while fleeing from my coworkers’ nauseating lunch smells. I had the time to track every bite of food and every gram of protein that went in my mouth with my Bradley class checklist. I had the leisure to devour every natural birth book I could find. Now sometimes it’s hard just to find time just to take a shower!

Then I went to bed every night by 8. Now I go to bed by 8 but am awakened a couple hours later by my night-waking toddler. And another couple hours after that. And sometimes yet again. I never thought such extreme exhaustion was possible!

30 Days to a Healthy Pregnancy

My answer to all these second pregnancy woes is to challenge myself to spend the next 30 days working towards a more healthy pregnancy. The 30 day challenge is the perfect length to make some serious changes while not allowing myself to get overwhelmed by all the good things I should do. Instead, I want to choose one or two of the best healthy habits to adopt each week.  I want to get the biggest bang for my buck, so to speak.

Here are the areas where I plan to focus my efforts for each week of the Healthy Pregnancy Challenge. Won’t you join me? 

What do you think are the most important behaviors for a healthy pregnancy? 

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  1. With each pregnancy, I have tried to make certain to enjoy the little time I have left with my current children as our family is. It always seems a bit chaotic with a newborn. Good luck with your goals!

  2. I love reading your blog and cannot wait for more posts as you make this special journey! Your goals sound very attainable, practical, and inspirational to other mamas-to-be!

  3. What a great idea to break it down and make things less overwhelming! My pregnancy threw me for a loop as well. So many things did not go according to plan…and now that the babies are here, I find goal setting and follow through to be an even bigger challenge! Good luck to you! I look forward to reading more from your blog.

  4. I know that I found so many things harder the next time. One easy thing to do is just keep healthy snack options around. Craving something sweet? Go for berries and/or yogurt. Desperate for salt? Go for cheese.

  5. This is a great post, thank you! It’s so important for mom AND baby to have a healthy pregnancy. Eating right, exercising, vitamins, keeping yourself low-stressed, all these things are so important to a healthy pregnancy!

  6. Great tips!

    With my pregnancy, I made sure to eat my veggies, drink lots of water, and stay active. I was also a healthy weight before and during pregnancy.

  7. Being a healthy weight before and during pregnancy is one tip that I recommend.

  8. Those are all big commitments and I am glad you are taking those steps to make sure you are having a healthy second pregnancy!

    My second pregnancy was quickly after my first, and I really depleted myself both with the closeness of my children and the way I ate and viewed life the second time around. I am still recovering 18 months after my last birth. Keep it up!

    Oh and here is a good tip in addition: take your childbirth class again. I thought I had it in the bag with my second but there was so much I forgot even 14 months later! And I teach Bradley! There is no getting away from really practicing birth no matter how many times you have done it.

    All the best!

  9. I too have wondered what it would be like to be pregnant whilst having other cchildren to care for. I just can’t imagine the exhaustion. I guess you can make the healthy eating aspect simple for yourself with a great quality smoothie maker (easier than juicing). That way you could get your portions of fruit for breakfast and make a soup for lunchtime to get those veggies into your body. With something like a vitamix it’s easy to make soup; you don’t even need to chop much stuff! For exercise it sounds like you need short, sharp bursts to fit into your lifestyle, but I’m wondering if 10 minutes yoga in the evening would suit you so that you get some refreshing sleep. one other thing; when I couldn’t sleep during pregnancy I found 20 mins meditation kept me sane. They say 20 mins of meditation is the equivalent of 2 hours sleep. So I did this twice a day and it really helped :)

  10. Pregnancy really is just so much more exhausting when you are caring for a toddler at the same time! I remember feeling the same way not too long ago. Hang in there!

  11. I have a 7yr old, 6 yr old, and 19 month old and almost 8 months pregnant. Look forward to the challenge. And thankful for my husband making sure I have time for a daily shower. Lol


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