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No Spend Month 2013 {Wrap Up}

What We Spent

In the last week of No Spend Month we spent $68.07 on groceries and $33.20 on our CSA share. Dining cost us $7.16. We spent $37.39 on gas. That’s a total of $145.82 for the week. So I know what you really want to know is did we stay within our budget for $620 for the month? Remember, this was our budget for all groceries, dining,  gas, transportation, household needs, clothing, and pretty much anything else we might need to buy for the month. During No Spend Month 2013 I’m happy to say we spent a grand total of $545.41, just a little less than our budget.

What We Learned

In last week’s No Spend Month post, it was pretty humbling to have to write that we spent $69 on an unnecessary credit card fee. That was certainly not my shining moment as an advocate for frugal living. There’s nothing like blogging for a little accountability. As soon as I published the post, I got on the phone with the credit card company and they were completely helpful in getting the credit card canceled and refunding that fee! I was so relieved. I didn’t even have to sit on hold for very long.

How did you do with budgeting in January? 


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  1. I am curious how you managed to spend so little on gas. My husband works in another county. We are a 1 car family (though that will change soon) and it is a good mileage car. She gets 35 miles to the gallon and costs, right now, about $30 to fill. We have to fill her up about once a week, so right there is 120-170 a month.

    • We were a one-car family at the time. I ordered almost everything I needed from Amazon, Azure, and just picked up our CSA once a week, to church, and maybe to the grocery store once in a while. My husband did have a long commute, but he was able to drive to a park-n-ride and catch a bus downtown. So we hardly used any gas.


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