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20 Weeks Pregnant! {An Update}

It’s hard to believe I am already half way through (give or take) this pregnancy! While it seemed as if January was the absolute longest month of my life, time has been flying ever since the morning sickness faded. Seeing my growing belly in the mirror still always surprises me.

Milestones & Appointments

Last week we had a very happy milestone. I started feeling the first tiny kicks from Baby #2. This was a couple weeks earlier than I felt BabyE moving, but this time I already knew to be looking for that little fluttery feeling.

We also had our third prenatal appointment with our midwife last week. Aside from continued pregnancy exhaustion, all is well. This was my first time taking 19 month old E with me to my appointment all by myself. I was so incredibly proud of him. He did awesome!

My very favorite moment was when I needed to lay down for the midwife to examine me. E found a step stool by the bed. He stepped right up to help the midwife which brought his little face right to the level of mine. He leaned over and gave me a big kiss. He is already a great big brother and big helper to his mama!

Boy or Girl? 

That brings me to the question I know you were asking when you opened this post, Are you going to find out whether it’s a boy or girl? I posed this question to you on facebook, and I loved reading everyone’s experience. Everybody has a different reason for choosing one way or the other!

We did find out we were having a boy when I was pregnant with BabyE. For this pregnancy though, it will be a surprise! Later on this spring, I’m sure we can have some fun on the blog with guessing based on all the gender prediction wives tales.

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  1. I could never wait until delivery to find out. Has to be exciting not knowing though!

  2. Congrats :) Halfway there!

  3. E is going to be a great big brother…. but sounds like you need to start saving for med school if he got right in there ;)

  4. Congrats on making it halfway. I had to know the gender of each of my boys, but we didn’t decide on a name until they were each born.

  5. You are much stronger than I am! My mother pretty much taught my as a small child to peek in my presents and sneak down to check in my easter baskets before anyone else was up. Because of this, now as an adult I have no patience whatsoever lol!

  6. You have more will power than me! I’m not sure I could be on team green. I like to plan too much :-)

  7. I’m so glad everything is going well! I’m glad you are enjoying bringing E to your appointments. I LOVED bringing Big Brother to all of my midwife appointments, and he was basically the same age as E at that point. He loved hearing the heartbeat, and he would lie on top of me while the midwife measured me and listened with the doppler. It was such a special bonding experience for us.

  8. Congs for going this far on… Keep the excitement!


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