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Home Birth Kit Checklist

If you’re planning a home birth, you’ll probably be asked to put together a home birth kit. It’s hard to believe our 37 week home visit is right around the corner! I’ve been busily putting together our home birth kit. Since some of you have asked, I thought I’d share just what I’m putting in the kit.

Most of these items you’ll probably be able to find by going on a little scavenger hunt around the house or by asking friends and family. I even had a friend offer to give me her old towels for my first birth!

Just about everything else in your home birth kit can be purchased inexpensively. Check with your midwife as to what she expects you to have as the list may vary a bit. (Keep scrolling for the checklist. Contains affiliate links.)

Click here for the ultimate home birth kit checklist: 33 must-have items for your home birth! #naturalbirth #homebirth

Home Birth Kit Checklist

1. Large Mixing Bowl
2. Tube of Lanolin or Nipple Cream
3. Ear Bulb Syringe (new)
4. Thermometer
5. 2-3 Cotton Baby Hats (I got the ones in the picture on Etsy. So cute!)
6. Small Bottle of Oil
7. 2-3 Adult Diapers
8. Plastic Sheeting or Tarp
9. 6-12 Receiving Blankets
10. 6-8 Bath Towels & 6 Hand Towels
11. 2-6 Washcloths
12. Plastic Sheet, Water Proof Mattress Cover, or Shower Curtain
13. 1 Box of Tissues or Roll of Toilet Paper
14. Heating Pad or Hot Water Bottle
15. 1 Package Large Chux Pads/ Underpads
16. 2 Large Black Yard Waste Garbage Bags
17. Hand Mirror
18. 12 Large Super-Absorbent Sanitary Pads
19. 8+ Kitchen Size Garbage Bags
20. Flashlight
21. Lead-Free Hose (for water birth)

(not pictured)
22. 2 Sets of Sheets to fit the birth bed
23. Exercise Ball
24. Food for Mom
25. Hydrating Liquid  (I like coconut water)
26. Food for Midwives and Birth Team
27. Bendy Straws
28. Space Heater or Fan
29. 2 Tennis Balls
30. Bright Portable Light
31. Several Bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide
32. 1-3 Ice Packs
33. Acetaminophen and/or Ibuprofen


What was the most important item on your home birth kit checklist? 



  1. Thanks for the list! Ifam considering a homebirth for the next child (if there will be one).

    Not to sound vain, but for the second birth, I made sure that I oacked a brush, hair ties, and a make up bag…but it helped me be in a much better mood.

    For the hosptial bag, I also packed puzzle books and books to read because I barely slept and was very sick of tv from the first time around.

    • Those pictures last a lifetime after all! :) The one thing I would have to have is my laptop!

  2. I think the birthing tub was the most important thing I had! what a difference the water made for pain management!! If I’d had nothing else, I would have been ok I think!

    My midwives also suggested having hyrdogen peroxide on hand, which they used to clean up the few drips of blood on my carpet before they left, bless their hearts.

    • Oh yes! We will definitely have one of those! I can’t believe we pick it up next week!! I thought it was funny our midwife suggested having several bottles of hydrogen peroxide. Last time there was literally one tiny spot of blood on the carpet and it did come right up. Midwives are seriously so amazing and give so much of themselves to help women.

  3. I would love to have a home birth but too many complications. I actually am in the process of packing my hospital bags.

    • Congratulations! Hope everything goes well for you! We got a crash course in packing hospital bags a few weeks ago with our little scare. It was hard to imagine every little thing I might need while away from home. In the end though I realized there was nothing we couldn’t buy or ask someone to pick up for us from home if we really needed to.

  4. What a great list! I didn’t have a home birth, but I really wanted to with my first child. I ended up honoring the wishes of my hubby and went the traditional route, in the hospital, but I think it’s home births are wonderful – wish a checklist like this had been around when I was contemplating it!

    • I’m afraid my poor hubby didn’t have much of a choice, but he did get on board pretty quickly thank goodness! The idea really does take some getting used to. After our first home birth, I don’t think either of us can imagine doing it any other way though.

  5. I had a home birth with my son last October. I was very adamant that my mother stop on her way to our house to get some food for the midwives. My mom only lives about an hour away but by the time she got to my house, I had already had the baby. So, me trying so hard to get everything on a list just like this one didn’t really work :) My midwife had a specific birth kit on which has a lot of supplies you might need including homeopathic arnica which I thought was helpful for healing after the birth.

    Good luck mama!

    • Oh that is so funny! I hope you weren’t too disappointed not to have your mom there, but at least the midwives were able to make it in time. That sounds like a fast labor!

      Thanks for reminding me. I just picked up some Arnica for my home birth kit this afternoon. I’m also getting Phytolacca and Cramp Bark.

  6. I had a home water birth with my son last October.

    I had a list just like this one and was very adamant that my mother stop on her way to my house and pick up some food for my midwives. My mom only lives an hour away but by the time she stopped and got food and made it to my house, the baby was born.

    It is hard to tell what will be necessary for your exact situation but it is better to be over prepared than under prepared I guess.

    My midwife had a specific birth kit she wanted me to buy on They have a lot of the supplies you listed as well as homeopathic arnica which I used for healing after the birth.

    Good luck mama, you seem like you have it together and have done your research :)

  7. What a great list! Thank you! My sister is planning a home birth for next month and I’ll be sharing your blog with her :)

    I am a Birth Photographer in Spokane [] and will be documenting her home birth….Birth is such an exciting & miraculous event to witness!


    • Congratulations to you and your sis! I am certain that will be such an amazing and memorable experience for you both!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    • Thanks for stopping by! And thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Sorry, Shannon! I didn’t mean to comment 2x! I didn’t think my first comment had gone through :)

  10. Great list – have pinned on my new baby board, Alice @ Mums Make Lists x


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