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f you’re planning a home birth, you’ll probably be asked to put together a home birth kit. Here’s a home birth checklist of everything you’ll need.

It’s hard to believe our 37 week home visit is right around the corner! I’ve been busily putting together our home birth kit. Since some of you have asked, I thought I’d share just what I’m putting in the kit.

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Most of these items you’ll probably be able to find by going on a little scavenger hunt around the house or by asking friends and family. I even had a friend offer to give me her old towels for my first birth!

Just about everything else in your home birth kit can be purchased inexpensively. Check with your midwife as to what she expects you to have as the list may vary a bit. (Keep scrolling for the checklist. Contains affiliate links.)

Home Birth Checklist

1. Large Mixing Bowl
2. Tube of Lanolin or Nipple Cream
3. Ear Bulb Syringe (new)
4. Thermometer
5. 2-3 Cotton Baby Hats (I got the ones in the picture on Etsy. So cute!)
6. Small Bottle of Oil
7. 2-3 Adult Diapers
8. Plastic Sheeting or Tarp
9. 6-12 Receiving Blankets
10. 6-8 Bath Towels & 6 Hand Towels
11. 2-6 Washcloths
12. Plastic Sheet, Water Proof Mattress Cover, or Shower Curtain
13. 1 Box of Tissues or Roll of Toilet Paper
14. Heating Pad or Hot Water Bottle
15. 1 Package Large Chux Pads/ Underpads
16. 2 Large Black Yard Waste Garbage Bags
17. Hand Mirror
18. 12 Large Super-Absorbent Sanitary Pads
19. 8+ Kitchen Size Garbage Bags
20. Flashlight
21. Lead-Free Hose (for water birth)

(not pictured)
22. 2 Sets of Sheets to fit the birth bed
23. Exercise Ball
24. Food for Mom
25. Hydrating Liquid  (I like coconut water)
26. Food for Midwives and Birth Team
27. Bendy Straws
28. Space Heater or Fan
29. 2 Tennis Balls
30. Bright Portable Light
31. Several Bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide
32. 1-3 Ice Packs
33. Acetaminophen and/or Ibuprofen


What was the most important item on your home birth kit checklist? 

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