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110 Positive Natural Birth Stories

Positive Natural Birth Stories

1. The natural hospital birth of her second baby by Justine at The Lone Home Ranger
2. The Painless Natural Home Birth of BabyE by Shannon here at GrowingSlower
3. Vaginal Hospital Birth of TRIPLETS at birthwithoutfear
4. Natural home birth story of baby #1 at GeorgeTown, MN
5. A surprise unassisted home birth by Lauren at Hobo Mama.

Check out these 110 inspiring and touching positive natural birth stories. A must read! #naturalbirth #birthstory

6-47. Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Gaskin. (affiliate link)
48. The chaotic home birth of her second child by Luschka at Diary of a First Child.
49. A surprise unassisted home birth by Cynthia at Hippie Housewife
50. A Birth Center birth story at Bloom Spokane
51-59. A natural birth videos from Luschka at Diary of a First Child
60. The Natural Home Birth Story of BabyL by Mrs. L here at GrowingSlower
61. A Natural Breech Birth Story at Nola Nesting
62. Natural Home Birth Story of Shannon here at GrowingSlower
63. Birth Diary of Katelyn Noel unplanned unassisted at Natural Motherhood
64. Emery’s Birth Story at Busyland
65. A Nurse and Her Home Birth- A Birth Story at Mama Birth

Day 29 of 31 Days of Natural Birth

66-97. Check out the 32 birth stories in my book Natural Birth Stories: The Real Mom’s Guide to an Empowering Natural Birth. Available on Amazon on Kindle and in Paperback. (affiliate)
98. A Natural Unmedicated Childbirth Story at Pistachio Project
99-108. Natural Birth Stories at A Birth Story blog
109. A Home Birth in pictures by Erin Loechner on Babble
110. A Home Birth with baby born in the caul on Birth Without Fear blog

Even more birth stories!

111. Everett’s Birth Story at Natural Momma in progress
112. The VBAC Birth of My Second Born Son at Simple Life Abundant Life

Photo by Travis Swan via Flikr



  1. Aw… thanks for adding my birth story to this list!

  2. Thanks for compiling such an inclusive list. I’m going to share it with my doula clients.

  3. I pinned this on my “parenting” Pinterest board a while ago (maybe a month or two?) and have had SO many people re-pin it! I wanted you to know. Great post!

  4. What an awesome resource! So many women need to hear the positive stories to repaint the image of birth. I was blessed with an amazing natural labor and birth. I would love for this list to keep growing with many more stories. Feel welcome to include mine if you are interested!
    -Paige at


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