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Hi, I'm Shannon! I'm so glad you've stopped by GrowingSlower. I’m on a mission to bring you the most efficient, effective strategies for living a more frugal, natural life without the stress, guilt, and perfectionism, so you can enjoy your life!

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I was inspired by my personal journey towards simple living to start GrowingSlower in October 2011. Since then, GrowingSlower has grown into what I hope is a resource for other families who are walking the same road. Simply put:

GrowingSlower is a blog about learning to live simply as we grow our families.

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About Shannon Brown

I'm a Christian. I am an architect turned work at home mom. I'm wife to the most amazing hubby in the world and mom to the delightful little BabyE and BabyA. They fill me with wonder and gratitude for God's creation everyday.

Throughout 2013, I worked tirelessly on my passion project, a book titled Natural Birth Stories: The Real Mom's Guide to an Empowering Natural Birth.

Starting to "Grow Slower"

In the year before we would start trying for a baby, I had baby fever. I was obsessed! I even had a spreadsheet with every conceivable expense related to having a baby and the dates when we might be able to afford it. It felt like we would never get there.

I had to do something that felt like moving toward our goal. So, we started thinking about what we would want to accomplish before having a baby. Some of the things were those which would be a whole lot harder once a baby arrived because of time, logistics, and expenses. Others we wanted to do to give a baby the best possible life. A lot of it moved us toward a greener, healthier, and simpler lifestyle.

I feel really great about all the changes we made, as if we were really just becoming more ourselves in the process. It was not just something we felt like we should do. We also have a long way to go, and many changes and projects that we will continue to work towards. And that's what GrowingSlower is all about!

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