Colors of Fall

Seattle streets couldn’t be more picturesque this week with leaves in all phases of color change clothing our beautiful city. Here are a couple the most unforgettable posts I read this week. Enjoy!

Your body is beautiful now by Lauren at Hobo Mama

“…That body with the marks of babies gestated or born or breastfed, with the signs of the years you’ve spent on this planet, with the pounds you’ve collected or dispersed, that body with scars from falling down — and getting back up. That body is beautiful now…”

How a singer balances travel and family by Shaun at Simple Mom

“…Every Wednesday is Daddy Day. I cook all the meals, teach the kids, take them to volunteer at the food pantry down the street, oversee an art project or twelve – spend the whole day with them. It’s my favorite day. They call it “Daddy Day.” Becky calls it her day off. She can have lunch with a friend, catch up on her to-do list, or just sit with a large sweet tea and a magazine for hours…”

Photo by .Bala on Flikr


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