It’s Day #3 of our Spring Cleaning Challenge! Isn’t the work of cleaning and organizing just so much more fun together, even if it is virtually? :)

On Day #1 we gave our rooms some breathing room by clearing cluttered counters. Yesterday, we ate our frogs by scrubbing up some of the nooks and crannies that had been collecting dust over the winter.

Today we’re going to do one of my very favorite Spring Cleaning projects: Decluttering! I absolutely love to Clear the Clutter!! Tell me, are you like that too, or am I just weird?

It just feels so exhilarating to clear out the unneeded stuff from every cabinet, drawer, and shelf. It is so freeing to ship off those sacks of extra clutter from my home and my mind.

Ironically, even as many of us strive to get out of debt  and deal with our budget challenges, we are feeling suffocated by all the stuff around us.

The great news is that by clearing the clutter we can free up our mental energy, our time, and even earn some extra money to get us closer to our financial goals at the same time.

Hint: I talk more about how to do this in the 21 Day Savings Challenge eCourse, including how I earned an extra 42 bucks in just 20 minutes to put toward our savings goal! It will be available April 20-27 with the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle! (affiliate link)

Spring Cleaning Challenge Day #3: Clear the Clutter

2012 was my year of decluttering. We were living in our one bedroom condo, and I went on kind of a crazy decluttering rampage.

It was the beginning of my semi-minimalist phase, that I’m still in. Whatever is not absolutely necessary goes. We literally took half of everything we owned to Goodwill!

And guess what, we never missed one thing that we purged. In fact it was an absolute relief to have less stuff to manage and organize.

Today though, I challenge you to pick just three areas of your home to declutter. (And I count a shelf, drawer, or cabinet as one area, not an entire room!)

Our 7-day Challenge is about doing relatively small tasks to make a big impact, so pick the areas that bug you the most. You don’t need a huge checklist. I’m betting you already have those spots in mind that need some attention.

They’re the ones that add just a bit of stress to your heart every time you open them, and then close them quickly again to try to avoid thinking about it. Today’s the day to take care of those and eliminate the clutter, both physical and mental!

Then, if you’re wanting to do a big whole-house declutter, I’ve created a 12-week Declutter Checklist to help.

Click here to download your free Decluttering Checklist.

How I’m Decluttering for Today’s Challenge

Even though we did a major declutter in 2012, our family has continued to grow and change, and the clutter always creeps back in. Even after just 7 months in our new house, I can feel the clutter multiplying in the cabinets and closets while I’m not looking.

For today’s Challenge I focused on the pantry. With everything back in order I discovered a few foods that had been hiding on the shelves. Looks like I need to work in some split peas, cashews, sardines, and quinoa flour into our meal plan!

What areas of your home will you be decluttering in today’s Challenge? Share your plans in the comments!

Today’s the day to clear the clutter, both physical and mental in Day #3 of our 7-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge!


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