It’s not just books you can borrow at the library! Here are 29 Free things to do at the library.

Have you ever stopped to think about how amazing the library is? At my local library, I can walk in and carry out with me up to 60 new books, DVDs, and references.

If they don’t have what I like, I can request it from another library and it will be waiting for me next time I visit. If they still don’t have access to what I want, I can request that they buy it. And usually they will actually acquiesce.Find out 29 free things to do at the library...I had no clue about #7 before this list! #savingmoney #budgeting
While I’m there, I can give my toddler a free preschool-like experience and meet other moms at story time. I can also log onto a computer and browse the internet or access databases and software.All they ask is that I bring back what I borrow within four weeks, or renew, and renew again, so this mom of two can actually have a chance of finishing a book.

In fact, I don’t even have to leave my home to make use of this amazing resource. I can simply log in and download ebooks right onto my computer or e-reader.

And I can make use of all these beautiful words, information, entertainment, and learning for FREE. So if you want to save some money this year, get a library card. And stop spending money on books. Unless it’s one of one of mine!  ;)

Each year the average American spends $109 on reading materials, and hundreds more on music, movies, software, and admissions to museums and entertainment venues.

I wanted to give you a grand total for how much I’ve saved by using my local library this year, but I’ve honestly lost track! We’ve been to storytime, checked out countless books, browsed the amazing free preschool curriculum, downloaded ebooks and audiobooks, and more all for FREE!

Here are some of my favorites we’ve checked out this year (for the kids) Click Clack Moo, the Sneetches, and Signing Time, and (for mom) Total Money MakeoverTrim Healthy Mama, The Happiness Project, & Love Does. (affiliate links)

But, books aren’t the only thing you can get for free at the library!

29 Free Things to Do at the Library

For Kids:

Story Time
Puppet Shows
Educational Toys
Science Activities
Reading Programs (and prizes!)
Computer Games & Educational Software
Free Museum Admission
8 Learn a Language
9 Video Games
10 Board Games
11 Kid Movies & CDs
12 Tutoring & Homework Help

For Mama:

13 Magazines and Newspapers
14 eBook Downloads
15 Personal Finance Classes
16 Book Clubs
17 MP3 Music and Audiobook Downloads
18 Internet and Wi-Fi Access
19 Research Your Family History
20 Book & Poetry Readings
21 Take an Online Class
22 Film Screenings
23 Reserve Popular New Movies
24 Meet Other Moms
25 Lectures & Workshops
26 Homeschool Curriculum
27 Join a Language Conversation Group
28 Use a Meeting Room
29 Find Free Community Events

Looking for even more free things to do with your kids? Have fun without busting your budget with my new ebook 76 Free Things to Do with Kids: A Real Mom’s Guide.

Do you make use of your local library? What’s your favorite freebie? Let me know in the comments!


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