Announcing the "simple grocery savings system for your real life"

No coupons. No sales.
No compromising your healthy diet.

Most grocery savings systems fail because they take too much time.

So many readers have reached out to me asking for how to save money on groceries in the midst of busy family lives. Here are some of the challenges they are facing…

“I can’t seem to find time to even meal plan lately. Maybe it’s the small baby and fact we’ve been sick for a month.”

“I need to make a big change in the wallet but not so much in lifestyle.”

“I try to save money by using coupons and shopping at the lowest priced stores but we still seem to have a high bill.”

I get it! You live in the same world I do. You’re struggling to feed your family healthy whole foods on a tight budget. Many of you have to adhere to special diets like gluten free and a host of other food allergies, which can be expensive. You feel time starved and disorganized, and you’re longing for a more individualized approach that works for your family.

You don’t want just another 101 tips for saving money on groceries. You need an organized grocery savings system that is simple to implement, and a little encouragement to get the job done. You’re busy working whether in or out of the home, you have a bunch of hungry kiddos, and all you know is that you NEED to save money NOW!

I truly believe Grocery Savings Made Simple is the answer that you have been looking for!

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it's about more than saving money

Sure, living within our means and staying on budget are important. But what's really important to me is to bring you only the most effective and efficient methods for saving money, so you can spend your time doing things you actually enjoy with the ones you love.

That's why I worked so hard to create a set-it and forget-it method that wouldn't have you pouring over newspaper ads and circulars or printing off coupons every week and then running from one store to another to get the best deals. 

I knew if you (or I) had to go to all that trouble to save money, then your budget would go out the window anytime the kids got sick, or there was a work deadline, or just life happened. You need a simple system that works with the ups and downs of a busy family life. 

I want to show you how to get the maximum savings with minimum effort because I know you're busy, and you have other things you'd rather be doing than worrying about your grocery budget.

Introducing grocery savings made simple

Grocery Savings Made Simple is a complete eCourse that will walk you through the entire process of cutting your grocery budget, from wondering what to cook and where to shop all the way through creating your own grocery savings system.

This is not a blog post or ebook that offers generalized tips you can skim and forget about. The course includes 8 full lessons that walk you through how to save big on the foods your family loves.

"I was skeptical that I could learn anything new about grocery savings and food prep but I'm blown away. This course does not disappoint!" -Melanie, Grocery Savings Made Simple Student

When you dive into this 4-week eCourse, you'll discover how to cut your grocery budget yet...

  • Never clip a coupon

  • Never look at store circulars or chase sales

  • Save money by cooking from scratch with minimal extra kitchen time

  • Pay less for the healthy foods your family enjoys (no unhealthy or beans-only diets)

2,436+ students served.
Average Annual Grocery Savings: $1,813

(In other words they recouped the cost of the course in just over a week.)

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Our Menu of Amazing Resources

When you purchase Grocery Savings Made Simple, you receive a collection of resources designed to help you drastically cut your grocery budget. These tools will guide you through creating your own grocery savings system tailored to fit your family. And once you've created your system, you can keep on using it. There are no weekly or monthly to do lists. When life's busy seasons arise, you'll still be saving money and staying on budget.

Depending on which version of the program you purchase (more on that in a moment), you’ll receive the following:

Week 1

Get acquainted with the simple grocery savings system that works for your family. 
Discover how to save $60 per month in 60 minutes or less. That's $720 saved per year!
(One student even saved $122 per month in just 28 minutes)

Week 2

Simplify your scratch cooking routine. 
Find out what you should and shouldn't be making from scratch.
Learn how to cross meal planning off your to-do list forever.

Week 3

Find out where to shop and when to shop to save the most money on groceries in your locale. 
Use my grocery savings cheat sheet to start saving money right now.

Week 4

Find out what to buy to save the most money on groceries.
Start using your grocery savings system.
Keep using it to save month after month.

The Worksheet Bonus Pack

This bonus pack is filled with extra worksheets to help you stay organized as you build your customized grocery savings system.

The Ultimate Grocery Savings Guide Bonus

In the Ultimate Grocery Savings Guide you'll find the simplest and best resources for saving money on groceries, all in one convenient place.

Premium Bonuses

When you purchase the Premium course, you'll also get personal email support from course creator Shannon Brown. Get all of your questions answered whenever you get stuck or need encouragement. This course is about actually doing something to cut your grocery budget once and for all! It works best when you have someone helping you every step of the way.

That’s everything you need to build your personalized grocery savings system!

“I hate meal planning and grocery lists! But now I know I can tackle these issues without any fuss….I really loved this class - it changed my way of thinking!” - Debra

Ready to get started?

how much will you save?

Grocery Savings Made Simple is available in two perfect packages. Pick the one that's right for your family.


This option includes all 8 lessons that will walk you through exactly how to save big on the foods your family loves. 

  • lifetime access to all 8 lessons
  • access to all video modules
  • Invitation to the meal planning party
  • access to the private facebook group
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course + COACHING

This option is perfect for the family who needs a little extra help with creating their grocery savings system. You'll get one-on-one support with tips tailored specifically to your dietary preferences. 

  • lifetime ACCESS TO ALL 8 LESSONS
  • 8 lesson email series
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A Special Note from shannon brown, course creator

Hello there! I’m Shannon Brown, founder of GrowingSlower and the creator of Grocery Savings Made Simple. In 2013 my husband and I felt called to get out of debt. At the time, we had a newborn, a toddler, one car, and one low income. We were already living on such a tight budget, I knew that if we were to make progress toward our financial goal, then savings would have to come from even the necessary spending like our grocery budget.

An amazing 9 months later, we had completely paid off our $22,047 in debt. One of the key ingredients to our getting out of debt fast was the simple grocery savings system that I developed. In the first year alone I used it to save $5,616!

I just knew that I had to share it with all the moms that email me day after day looking for ways to cut their grocery budget, struggling to do weekly meal planning, cutting coupons, chasing sales, or resorting to eating unhealthy packaged foods. There is a simpler way, and I can't wait to share it with you!

The grocery savings Guarantee

Like most moms,  you work hard to make good investments with your family's budget. So I wanted to help simplify your decision by making my course risk-free.

Give Grocery Savings Made Simple a try. If you complete all 8 lessons and don't save any money on groceries, email me within 30 days of purchase and I’ll refund your money. 

If you're still not sure if this course is for you, here are answers to some frequently asked questions: 

Who should NOT take Grocery Savings Made Simple?  If you already make everything from scratch, coupon every week and enjoy it, already meal plan on a consistent basis, and know that there's just not much left to cut from your already bare-bones grocery budget, then this course probably won't be worth your time and money. Sometimes though, it isn't all about cutting your grocery budget. I have had a few students who chose to take the class not to save money, but to get off the coupon hamster wheel, reduce their stress surrounding meal planning, or get organized when it comes to scratch cooking. As one student put it, "I use the same amount of money to get more food for my family. Our cupboards don't feel so bare anymore." - Elizabeth

My family has food allergies, will this grocery savings method work for me? The course is intended to work for anyone and any style of eating. My own family has a whole list of food sensitivites and allergies that we are dealing with and still saving money. The course is geared to guide you through creating your own grocery savings plan that works for your specific family. By the end, you will have the best possible grocery budget for your specific family's needs. 

Still have questions? Please don't hesitate to ask. Email Shannon at

Time to Order

There’s never been a better time to finally get your grocery budget under control. And there’s never been a better resource to help you get started the right way. Now’s the time to take action, but only you can do that.

“We just started using Dave Ramsey's budgeting worksheets and are really trying to stick to the budget.  This course was perfectly timed with the goals we've set for our budget!....I really enjoyed the short video lessons and the "homework" made me really do what you were suggesting, which is the key to making changes in our habits!" -Autumn

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