We mostly rely on our CSA for local organic fruits and vegetables, so we have gotten out of the habit of going to the farmers market.  Our CSA is terribly convenient, but sometimes there’s nothing like a face to face meeting with farmers and our neighbors. While we were on our summer travels, we decided to make a little trip to the farmers market as a fun family friendly activity. What a great market we stumbled upon! 

pink and yellow flowers at the farmers market

I loved that in the midst of a business park surrounded by every fast food joint imaginable, people were flocking to this little farmers market to get a healthy dose of real food and real community! At this time of year, you could easily substitute an entire trip to the grocery store with a visit to the farmers market. There was a full selection of meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, honey, cheese, and baked goods. 

yellow squash and zucchini at farmers market


We got an amazing loaf of Italian Parmesan bread as fluffy as a cloud. Mr. Social BabyE loved seeing all of the people out and about, and he charmed all the grannies with his big smile. He also enjoyed some of our farmers market loot. He ate one of the juicy sweet peaches all by himself. 

fresh bread at farmers market

We had so much fun at the Saturday market that we decided to visit another in a nearby town on Wednesday evening. There was such a festive mood at the night time event helped by a big crowd and a local band playing. 

spinning hand dyed yarn at farmers market

I loved that many of the vendors seemed to be bringing produce to market from their home gardens. Two heads of lettuce, a bunch of kale, two dozen zucchini on a card table was enough to make a booth. A baby slept soundly in a sling, little mouth hanging open, while his mama sold her veggies and chatted with customers. There was lovely chunky yarn being spun from local animals, all hand dyed and gorgeous. Get this my urban dwelling friends: raw milk for $4 per half gallon! It was such a lovely event that left me saying, this is what it’s all about!

bucket of sunflowers at farmers market

We had a great time visiting these small town farmers markets. I hope to visit our own urban markets more as we continue to enjoy the summer. 

Have you visited your local farmer’s market lately? 


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