It seems like all that sunshine streaming in my windows is reaching just about every dark and dusty corner of my life lately, and I’m in the mood for a project!

Want to join me?

I’m doing a 7-day Spring Cleaning Challenge, and I would love for you to participate!

In this 7 day Spring Cleaning Challenge we’ll….

  • Scrub up some of the nooks and crannies that have been forgotten over the long winter
  • Clear the clutter fast, not just in our homes but also on our digital devices and in our minds :)
  • Beautify and breathe new life into the spaces we call home

If you’ve ever taken one of my challenges before, you’ll know that you can expect to get lots of simple strategies that will help you accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. So, here we go!

Click here to download your free Spring Cleaning Challenge printable.

Day #1: Clear the Counters

Day #2: Three to Clean and Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist

Day #3: Clear the Clutter

Day #4: It’s party time! You can enter the giveaways here through April 27. Sorry, the giveaway is over.

Day #5: 4 Simple Steps to Stress Free Homemaking (Sorry, registration for this free eCourse is now closed.)

Day #6: 5 Simple Steps to Overcome Email Overwhelm

Day #7: My $79 Living Room Makeover Reveal and How to Do Your Own



Join us for the 7 day Spring Cleaning Challenge! We’ll clean up, clear the clutter, and beautify our homes home all in less than 30 minutes a day!


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