Apropos for this autumn season, this has been a wild week of change for our family. I’ll be sure to update you as I’m able. For now, here are some of the amazing natural birth and gentle parenting links I enjoyed this week.

red and green

The Irrelevance of Time: at Navelgazing Midwife

“…Labor knows no time. There is no watch. No clock ticking on the wall. No one says, “You’ve been four centimeters for two hours now, time for pitocin.” Labor is allowed to unfold in its own way. The women around her merely witness, remind her of her strength, press cold cloths to her face and hot ones to her lower back. And still, they all believe…”

Top Ten Reasons Raising a Spirited Child is Fun at Adventures with Captain Destructo

” He has so much energy. It is exhausting at times, but man if I can just learn to bottle it, I will be rich. Rich I tell ya. Plus hopefully he will grow up to be a highly motivated, energetic person…”

How To Raise A Child While Disciplining Less via Diary of a First Child

“…This graph came to me at just the right time, and confirmed for me what I know about my child, and about how best to manage her time, encourage her stimulation and in so doing, prevent tantrums and the ‘need’ for discipline…”


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