What happens when you kick that big black box out of the living room and take back your home and your family? If you’ve been thinking of going TV free, read this and find out.

Could you give up TV? Could your kids? Here are 5 big ways going TV will change your life. It’s what happens when you kick that big black box out of the living room and take back your home and your family. If you’ve been toying with the idea of moving toward a more screen free lifestyle, read this.

5 Big Benefits of Going TV Free

Looking back, going almost TV free is one of the most pivotal changes in living a simpler, happier life. Here are 5 specific ways cutting out most of our TV time has changed our lives for the better.

1. Simplify

As I’ve been striving to live more simply and reduce my ties to our consumer culture, I’ve realized that television is just another form of consumption.

Like the plastic toys with flashy lights and sounds that don’t require kids to do any more than push a button for instant gratification. They don’t get to use their imagination or move their body. The fun quickly fades and leaves them bored and looking for the next thing to entertain them.

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2. Remember Reality…without the TV?

Turning off the TV can help us get back in touch with reality.

Being fed a constant diet of the monoculture portrayed on TV leaves us desensitized to real relationships.

Are all husbands dopey and unhelpful? Are all wives nagging and overly sensitive? Are all kids shuffled off screen as an inconvenience? I don’t know about you but that’s not the reality I know.

Turning off the TV has allowed me to refocus on the real values of our family.

Watching TV can easily allow things inconsistent with those values to slip into your home.

3. Take Back Control

No not everything on TV is bad. Television has the potential to inspire and entertain.

For the most part, though TV is the equivalent of eating Doritos. We think we enjoy it, we can’t settle for just one, and in the end, it’s really just junk. (I recently learned that lesson about both TV and Doritos.)

Take back control of what comes into your home.

Whenever I do watch live TV now, I am honestly shocked at the content that I previously allowed in my home. It is amazing how desensitized I was to it and what I convinced myself was acceptable.

4. Silence the Static

Enjoy the quiet. Hear yourself think. Hear your family speak.

It wasn’t until I stopped leaving the TV on constantly for background noise that I realized just how much it was cluttering my thoughts.

5. Reclaim Your Dreams

Watching less TV can give you the opportunity to pursue your passions.

The average American watches four hours and 39 minutes of television every single day.

Just imagine if you spent that much starting the blog you’ve always dreamed of writing or working on your big business idea?

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What would motivate you to try going TV Free?



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